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Age 20

Ada Color Story.png

Color Story 

ada costume.png

Daughter of the wealthy locomotive proprietor, Damon Post, Ada Post is a sweet young beauty coming up in the social leagues. Admired by many, Ada had a flair for being part of the action and catching the eyes of many suitors, particularly those of a young journalist. A year prior, a lover’s quarrel sends Ada spiraling and later found dead.


Presumed a suicide, Damon Post now commemorates her death with the inaugural run of the Lavender Empress. What has happened to Ada Post?


Age 22

Victor Color Story.png

Color Story 

victor costume.png

An immigrant from Italy looking to become a hotshot Journalist, Victor Cieterio seizes his opportunity by boarding the Lavender Empress to report for The Western Examiner.


Armed with not only a pen and paper, Victor boards the Empress with a thirst for knowledge on the happenings of his lost lover, Ada. Will this be the story of a lifetime?


Age 67

Damon Color Story.png

Color Story 

Damon Costume.png

The wealthy proprietor of the well-established Post Locomotive Company, Damon Post heads up a new train tour through California on his new passenger train, The Lavender Empress.

Embarking on his dearly departed daughter’s birthday, Damon invites guests and entertainment on to his tribute train to travel up the west coast to a vineyard. Will this be the relaxing getaway he expects or will there be some surprise guests?


Age 56

Norah Color Story.png

Color Story 

Norah Costume.png

Norah Green, Damon Post’s current secretarial staff, has been intertwined with the Post’s since Ada’s diaper days. Previously a Governess to the Post daughter, Norah took the loss of Ada very hard but could not foresee a world without some involvement with the Posts.


Norah joins Proprietor Damon Post on the inaugural run of The Lavender Empress so that all runs smoothly. Will Norah find a familiar presence on this tribute train?


Age Unknown

Viola Color Story.png

Color Story 

Viola Costume.png

Summoned by the skeptical but greedy proprieter, Damon Post, Madame Viola aboards The Lavender Empress in order to wow the crowd with her otherworldly communications. Equipt with her caged crow and crystal ball, Madame Viola is ready to meet those we do not see and those that wait to communicate. Who is Viola destined to reach?


Age 33

Howard Color Story.png

Color Story 

Howard Costume.png

As an up-and-coming magic act, Howard Hurston and his lovely assistant Zita have come across quite a few bumps on their journey to stardom. So when a little birdie mentioned the highly publicized train tour on the Post Locomotive Company’s new passenger vessel, The Lavender Empress, Howard jumps at his opportunity to become apart of the show.


In a rather surprising turn of events, Damon Post welcomes the enchanting duo on to his profoundly anticipated train tour with the hopes that Howard will wow the guests with only his tricks. Only the Magician knows how the magic happens but will his tricks stay a secret?

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