Creative Team

Andrew Carey


Creative Director


Andrew G. Carey is a freelance concept illustrator and graphic designer. With a background in theatre and immersive entertainment from Muhlenberg College and the California Institute of the Arts, he is always looking for new ways to design, develop, and build engaging adventures that entertain audiences.


Previously, Andrew designed sets for over 17 productions encompassing circus, dance, and theatre, and he worked at Walt Disney Imagineering, bringing new themed entertainment concepts to life. With all these skills and experiences, Andrew will continue to explore the creative entertainment industry.

Megan Parish


Production Designer

Megan is an LA-based themed entertainment scenic artist-turned-designer with a special place in her heart for the macabre things in life. Megan is a storyteller with a passion for research, narrative-based design, and immersive experiences.

Being a production designer and the Spring 2021 project lead for Beyond the Veil has been one of the highlights of pursuing her post-graduate degree.  She is graduating with her MFA from CalArts in Spring 2021, and is an aspiring creative designer for themed entertainment, film and animation, and video games.


Cheyenne Knehans


Art Director


Cheyenne Knehans is a freelance illustrator and visual developer. She enjoys bringing to life the elements of a narrative by interpreting color and forms. Her favorite part of the process is looking for ways to build worlds that connect with the story and breath life with intricate detail.

Cheyenne Knehans has a bachelors in Studio Art and Theatre Arts. Previously, she was a scenic charge artist  and properties artist for Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, CT. Currently, Cheyenne is pursuing a Masters in Applied Arts at California Institute of the Arts and freelancing on film and television productions.



Show Designer

Noah Hernandez is a LA designer specializing in themed entertainment and experiences. He loves to focus on the details that tie his vision together for a project. Noah previously worked as a scenic designer for The Labyrinth, an immersive theater show presented in the Walt Disney Modular Theater. He is currently in his 3rd year of study at California Institute of the Arts.

On this project, Noah loved exploring different ways to capture and romanticize the essence of the time period. He found a spooky, yet fun balance that carried throughout his work.




Costume Designer

Loren Weldon is a Costume designer based in Los Angeles, CA. She takes inspiration from visual, tactile, and auditory art mediums to create her designs. Some of her main inspiration comes from her favorite artists, which are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons, and Yayoi Kusama because all three make immersive art that forces their audience to think about their pieces.


She will be making her CalArts Theatre debut with work in Pelleas and Melisande as well as Beyond the Veil and is a candidate for an MFA in Costume Design at California Institute of the Arts - 2023.

Loren Weldon_11.jpeg

Garrett Celleboro


Story Designer


Garrett is a multi disciplinary designer and producer from a pig farm in the Sierra Nevadas. Focusing work within Themed and Immersive Entertainment to craft worlds and stories around the everyday life with the occasional seedy touch.


Previously working as a Designer/ Director for CalArts Halloween 2019/2020 as well The Speakeasy Society's Ebenezer 2020. Now focusing on intimate work that meets the viewer in the comfort of their homes during the pandemic.