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Train Locations - Highlights

daguerrotype texture.jpeg
damonsstudy 2.jpg

The Proprietor's Study

Damon Post is wealthy enough to have his own personal sleeper car attached to whatever locomotive he is traveling on. His study is lavish and gilded with gold trimmings, a sign of his ego and greed.


Clues in Damon's Study:

A Broken Timepiece

A Letter from Ada

Norah's Sleeping Car

Norah, like all passengers that board the Lavender Empress, resides at night in her sleeping car. The cars are identical but Norah's looks a little more lived in and frantically pulled together.


Clues in Norah's Car:

Norah's Diary

Torn Piece of a Label

Norah Sleep Car 2.jpeg

Madame Viola's Observatory

Madame Viola takes Advantage of the changing winds by conducting a seance. After the exciting events surrounding the afternoon, guests examine the remaining bits of the seance scene.


Clues in Viola's Seance Scene:

Viola's Show Poster

Ada's Bloody Handkerchief

Fake Seance Tools

Crystal Ball


Howard's Bar Car

Howard Hurston and his lovely assistant Zita use the show parlor for their close up magic and illusion show. This is the magic duo's big break, so all their show trunks are laid out in the parlor for their big show.


Clues in the Show Parlor:

Howard's Posters

Magic Trunks

A large sum check from PLC

A bottle of Arsenic

victor briefcase copy.png

Victor's Briefcase

Victor Cieterio, journalist for The Western Examiner, boards the new PLC train with just his briefcase. Victor abandons his possession for a split second on the second day unlocked at 1-4-1.


Clues in the briefcase:

A golden locket with the monogram ACP engraved on it

Ada Post's Obituary

A Love Letter from Ada

A worn daguerreotype of Ada

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