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The Beyond the Veil experience spans across 2 full days and nights with interactive clues, escape rooms, and social hours. Multiple puzzles are introduce to give background information on the characters and have clues from the train's rooms. Blocks dedicated to tea and cocktail hours are spread out so that guests can intermingle and discuss clues and theories they have about the on-going mystery.  


The train tour travels to a Northern California vineyard where guests can get off the train for a lunch excursion. This is an opportunity to get the guests to get out and stretch. Meals are provided and are heavily involved with the mystery's plot. This is a full gathering that includes characters.

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Day 1

Arrival and Board

Cocktail Hour

Dinner Séance



Day 2


Morning Puzzles

Lunch Excursion


Afternoon Puzzles

Cocktail Hour

Dinner Drinks

Day 3



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